Nicky Hodge is a minimalist abstract artist living and working in London. Working intuitively and spontaneously mainly on raw canvas, she uses brushstrokes that are suggestive and fleeting allowing the works to emerge directly out of the process. All of her muted and mainly monochromatic paintings rely on the nuances of touch and are indicative of a practice that has developed counter to the more extravagant narrative of expressionism. Steeped in an allusive and unsystematic approach, the works draw upon memory and experience and sit somewhere between joyful playfulness and minimalist restraint. Representing a quieter voice of abstraction, Hodge is interested in the experience of painting, her close-up investigations into material producing works that reveal an intimacy and a meditativeness along with a sense of calm.

Nicky Hodge lives and works in London. She has exhibited her paintings, drawings and multimedia works widely over the past 25 years. In 2021, Horse Gossip, a solo show, opened at Bobinska Brownlee in London. In the same year, she was selected for several group exhibitions including Notes for a landscape at Kingsgate Project Space and A Tiny Bit of Fire curated by Warbling Collective.  In 2022 she exhibited with Gwenyth Fugard and Dom Gray in Something Tender at Yorkton Workshops in May and Wundertüte, a two person show with the German abstract artist Michael Kaul, opened at Hart’s Lane Gallery in August. In the same year, her collection of ten paintings, Nighttime words leak out, was presented online by Richeldis Fine Art. In 2023 she has a work selected for the group exhibition Champs Noir at Terrace Gallery. Slip Road, a solo show with Francis Gallery in Bath, took place this year May – July 2023.

Nicky Hodge is represented by Francis Gallery, Bath | Los Angeles.


Nighttime words leak out exhibition catalogue ︎
Richeldis Fine Art /

Horse Gossip publication
Texts by Nicky Coutts, Jenna Collins, Alan Shipway, Roxy Walsh and Libby Anson. 2021 
Design by Park Studios.
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Glassy Gluck ︎
Text by Nicky Coutts, 2021

Interview with Art Presence ︎
Nicky Hodge artist interview no 17, published 10.11.20

CV ︎


2023    Slip Road, Francis Gallery, Bath
2022    Nighttime words leak out, Richeldis Fine Art (online)
2021     Horse Gossip, Bobinska Brownlee, London 
2018     Low Plains Drifter, No Format Gallery, London
2016     Only a moon to soup her, Jeannie Avent Gallery, London
2010     Multistorey, Nunhead Surgery, London
2005    Small Wonder, Seven Seven Contemporary Art, London
2001     Plot on the Landscape, Danielle Arnaud Contemporary Art, London


Makeshift, with Paul Keir and Alan Shipway, Summerhall, Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Generator, fundraiser show for Ukraine, Bobinska Brownlee, London
Champs Noir, curated by Simon Leahy Clark, Terrace Gallery, London

Wundertüte, two person show with Michael Kaul, Harts Lane Gallery, London
Something Tender, three person show, with Gwenyth Fugard and Dom Gray, Yorkton Workshops, London
Binary 2, curated by Karl Bielik & Jonathan Powell, Terrace Gallery
Exh 08, Floor magazine (online)
Mind - be here, present / be here now, curated by Athene Greig and Georgie White Winter, Kingshill House, Dursley, Gloucestershire

Notes for a landscape, curated by Kate Scrivener, millimetre 02, Kingsgate Project Space, London
A Tiny Bit Of Fire, curated by Robyn Graham, Warbling Collective, 139 Whitfield St, London
Pulp, curated by Jason Tessier, Florence Trust, London
Ethereal Reality, JB Art Gallery (online)
Nothing’s gonna change my world, curated by raumwww, gr-und, Wedding, Berlin, Germany
Studio Confetti, curated by Karl Bielik, Terrace Gallery, London

Binary, curated by Karl Bielik & Jonathan Powell, Shift Gallery, Cardiff, Wales
Women + Health Lockdown Art exhibition (online)
Long winter show, The Art Gallery, Abergavenny, Wales
Way Out, curated by Ludovic Dervillez, La Grange Gallery, Cernay-les-Reims, France
25 Years, curated by Danielle Arnaud Contemporary Art, London (online)
Fuzzy Objects (with Janet Currier and Jane Millar), San Mei Gallery, London
New Doggerland, curated by Jane Millar, Thamesside Gallery, London

Six Days in December, curated by Martin Gayford, Thamesside Gallery, London
A Tapered Teardrop, curated by Karl Bielik, Terrace Gallery, Leyton, London
Of Course I Haven't Forgotten, Warbling Collective, 155A Artists Space, London
We Only Have Fun On Certain Days, Warbling Collective, Stour Space, London

Winter Group Show, Linden Hall Studio, Deal, Kent
SFSA Painting Open 2018, No Format Gallery, Deptford, London
Let Me Know Before You Arrive, Warbling Collective, 145 Bethnal Green Rd, London
The Barren Slope, curated by Tom Elliott, Safehouse 1, Peckham, London
Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, Piccadilly, London
Exceptional, Collyer Bristow Graduate Exhibition, Holborn, London
Tomorrow's Daydream, AMP Gallery, Meeting House Lane, London

Osman’s Xmas Bazaar, Studio 1.1, Shoreditch, London
Painting Open 2017, Second Floor Studios, No Format Gallery, London
APT Open Studios guest artist, Creekside, Deptford, London
Small World, Manifest, PS Mirabel, Manchester
Creekside Open selected by Alison Wilding, APT Gallery, London

Zeitgeist Summer Show, Bond House, New Cross, London
Suppose an Eyes event, Alpha Nova Futura, Berlin and Chelsea College of Art, London
Marks of Intent (with Helen Booth), The Art Gallery, Abergavenny, Wales
Small Memories, The Art Gallery, Abergavenny, Wales and Caxton Contemporary, Whitstable, Kent
Close at Hand (co-curated with Gavin Maughfling), Contemporary Art Projects, London
Start Your Collection, Contemporary Art Projects, London
Talkshow, Lounge, Dalston, London
Deptford X, Open Astra House, New Cross, London
Pride In The House, Lauderdale House, Highgate, London
Sense and Nonsense, Danielle Arnaud, London
Picturesque, Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery, Carlisle
Artfutures, Contemporary Art Society, London
Deptford X, London
Artfutures, Contemporary Art Society, London
Round the Garden, Museum of Garden History, London
Bittersweet, Danielle Arnaud, London 
Glass Border (co-curated with Nicky Coutts) Danielle Arnaud, London
Reclaiming the Madonna, Usher Gallery, Lincoln; toured to London & Cardiff
Landschaft, woods near Buchenwald, Weimar, Germany


2013–2015     Post graduate diploma in Fine Art (merit), Goldsmiths College
1992–1993     Advanced Fine Art, Central St Martin’s
1985–1992     BA Hons Fine Art & Critical Studies (2:1), Central St Martin’s
1984–1985     Lina Garnade Foundation course, Southwark, London