NICKY HODGE lives in London. She graduated from Central St Martin’s in 1992. Confinement, a series of 80 compressed charcoal drawings housed in perspex boxes, was selected for Reclaiming the Madonna, a show that toured to five UK cities in 1994-95. Her paintings were included in the group shows Outdoors (2006), Sense and Nonsense (2003), Bittersweet (2001) at Danielle Arnaud Contemporary Art, where she also had a solo exhibition in 2001. In 2007 she co-curated Close at Hand at Contemporary Art Projects in Hoxton. In 2012 she had an exhibition in Abergavenny, Wales; co-curated Grave Passions, an event in Nunhead Cemetery, and was selected for Deptford X. Her video Lifting Belly is all there was shown in Alpha Futura Nova in Berlin and Chelsea College of Art in 2013. In 2015 she completed a post graduate diploma at Goldsmiths College and in 2017 her work was selected by Alison Wilding for the Creekside Open and Small World at PS Mirabel in Manchester. Recent work has focused on small paintings in acrylic, most often in series.

My work starts with nothing. By that I mean there is no preplanning, no drawing, no initial themes or source material – the process is spontaneous and improvised, working entirely from putting one mark or colour next to, or on top of, each other. I use acrylic as it allows for the direct application of spontaneous marks and for its easy relationship with water – allowing fluid paintings to be produced quickly and to different thicknesses over various surfaces.

Each painting has a direct relationship to another. Sometimes this is expressed in pairs and other times in groups – rarely as a single image. Some paintings sit awkwardly together, at other times more harmonious than subversive but generally in relationships, however temporary or fleeting. This is partly because the works find strength and meaning through connection but also as a conscious way of working against the idea of ‘the painting’ as a discreet, rarified entity or commodity.

In my paintings there’s an allusive and unsystematic approach to making work that explores the complex and often-contradictory nature of feelings and emotion. I am interested in how memory and experience feed into the painting process and how subconscious perceptions and intuitions can influence us long before we are fully aware of them. Covering and uncovering, visibility and invisibility, inclusion and exclusion, presence and absence – these are some of the binaries that the work rests on and that help define the conceptual space within which I operate.



1984–1985 Lina Garnade Foundation course, Camberwell, London
1985–1992 BA Hons Fine Art & Critical Studies (2:1), Central St Martin’s
1992–1993 Advanced Fine Art, Central St Martin’s
2013–2015 Post graduate diploma in Fine Art (merit), Goldsmiths College


Solo exhibitions
2018 low plains drifter, (May), No Format Gallery, Rolt St, SE8
2016 Only a moon to soup her, Jeannie Avent, London SE22
2014 Mountains out of Molehills, Café Viva, Peckham, London SE15
2010 Multistorey solo show, The Surgery, Nunhead, London SE15
2008 Room, Camberwell Arts Festival, Orpheus St, London SE5
2005 Small Wonder, Seven Seven Contemporary Art, London E8
2001 Plot on the Landscape, Danielle Arnaud, Kennington, London SE11
2000 42+1, Whistles, St Christopher’s Place, London W1

Group exhibitions/events
2018 Tomorrow's Daydream, AMP Gallery, Meeting House Lane, SE15 (June)
2018 Exceptional, The Collier Bristow Graduate Award 2018 (June)
2018 RA Summer Exhibition 2018 (June)
2018 Outpost, Bermondsey Artists Group, Shortwave, 100 Clements Rd, SE16 (May)
2017 Osman’s Xmas Bazaar, Studio 1.1, Redchurch St, London E2
2017 Painting Open 2017, Second Floor Studios, No Format Gallery, London SE8
2017 APT Open Studios, Creekside, Deptford, London SE8
2017 Small World, Manifest, PS Mirabel, Manchester 2017
2017 Creekside Open selected by Alison Wilding, APT Gallery, London SE8
2015 Tremulous video screened at Asylum Chapel, London SE15
2014 Zeitgeist Summer Show, Bond House, New Cross, London SE14
2013 Suppose an Eyes event, Alpha Nova Futura, Berlin (May) and Chelsea College of Art London (July)
2012 Not(even)withstanding video (with Fritha Jenkins), Deptford X, The Lounge, SE8
2012 The Group, The Art Gallery, Abergavenny, Wales
2012 Grave Passions an event (co-curated with Naomi Graham & Fritha Jenkins) at Nunhead Cemetery
2011 Watching Paint Dry, painting/performance, The Others, London N16
2009 Small Memories, The Art Gallery, Abergavenny, Wales
2009 Small Memories, Caxton Contemporary, Whitstable, Kent
2007 Close at Hand (co-curated with Gavin Maughfling), CAP Projects, London N1
2007 Start Your Collection, CAP Projects, London N1
2006 Talkshow, Lounge, Dalston, London N16
2005 Deptford X, Open Astra House, New Cross, London SE14
2004 In The House, Lauderdale House, London N6
2003 Sense and Nonsense, Danielle Arnaud, London SE11
2003 Picturesque, Tullie House, Carlisle Art Gallery
2003 Artfutures, Contemporary Art Society, London EC1
2002 Deptford X, London, SE8
2002 Artfutures, Contemporary Art Society, London EC1
2001 Round the Garden, Museum of Garden History, London SE11
2001 Bittersweet, Danielle Arnaud, London SE11
1999 Glass Border (co-curated with Nicky Coutts) Danielle Arnaud, London SE11
1993 Artists/Mothers, touring to Wolverhampton, Cardiff & London
1992 Landschaft, in woods near Buchenwald, Weimar, Germany